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24 October 2019 | dataset

Tonga Agriculture Census 2015

The 2015 census covers all households and agricultural holdings as well as all villages in Tonga. Items covered include the

At the Household and Organizational level:

a) Engagement of subsectors of agriculture.
b) Household membership demographic and economic information.
c) Land use under bush allotment and town allotment, area by tenure and location.
d) Area under perennial crops, annual crops, animal yard, pasture, fallow and other land use.
e) Number of trees in town allotment and home garden.
f) Food crops cultivation, including crop still growing, crops harvested.
g) Agricultural practices.
h) Engagement in farming community.
i) Livestock including number of heads, livestock disposal and veterinary services.
j) Fishery including type of fishing, main purpose of fishing, species harvested and habitat type of fishing.
k) Forestry including intended use of trees and shrubs.
l) Handicraft including proportion of raw material used from household and estimate of product value of katoanga.
m) Agricultural labour and machinery

At the Community (Village) level:

a) Village officer's information
b) Main economic activity
c) Outbreaks in the village
d) Farmers cooperative
e) Development priorities

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Modified 10 May 2022
Release Date 24 October 2019
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