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The scope of the Impact Evaluation includes the following:
- Education
- Labour market activity
- Health
- Foods in the diet
- Dwelling facilities and durables
- Remittance channels and use of the financial system
- Inward transfers
- Outward transfers
- Household income and expenditure
- Migrant experience and network
- Knowledge and selection procedure of the RSE policy
- Returned RSE workers
- Household's reasons for applying and expectations about the RSE policy

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The scope of the 2011 Tonga Census of Population and Housing includes:
- HOUSEHOLD: Household listing, dwelling characteristics, housing utilities, durable goods, information technology, income, remittances, and mortality.
- INDIVIDUAL: Personal characteristics, migration, disability, smoking habit, education, labour force and employment, voting eligibility, and fertility

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-HOUSEHOLD: Household characteristics, sanitation, water access, energy, waste disposal, household durables, remittances.
-INDIVIDUAL: Individual characteristics, religion, ethnicity, education, economic activities, fertility.

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- HOUSEHOLD: Dwelling characteristics; sources of water; means of cooking; rubbish disposal; hosuehold items; access to Sky TV, internet; numbers of pigs and chickens; sources of income.
- INDIVIDUALS: Name (suppressed), sex, age, realationship to household head; living where; ethnicity; religion; birth mother and father still alive; language skills: speaking and writing; address 5 years ago; education and qualifications; marital status; paid and unpaid employment; children given birth to.

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The scope of the 2011 Population and Housing Census includes:

INDIVIDUAL- Basic demographic characteristics of individuals including age, sex, ethnicity, religion, migration, demography, educational attainment, economic activity and employment, social profile and fertility;

HOUSEHOLD- Basic household characteristics of the private dwellings, including tenure, sanitation, water and electricity, household wealth and household activities.

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- HOUSEHOLD: dwelling characteristics, source of water, energy, cooking fuel, commodities owned, expenditure, income;
- INDIVIDUAL: demographic characteristics, economic activity, education, health, expenditure, income.

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HOUSEHOLD - includes household composition (number of males & females), household characteristics (age, relationship to household head, marital status, education level completed, main daily activity), dwelling characteristics of the main house, household possessions, dwelling tenure, construction & improvements of dwellings, household bills, tranport expenses, acquisition of durables, education & recreation, medical & health services, overseas events and special events.

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The CPS survey is a follow up survey designed to provide information that will help to evaluate the current situation and status of the police services which had been delivered to the public since 2010 which was conducted by NUS Consult Ltd. It aims to provide an enabling environment to facilitate quality policing services, and, for policing services to deliver the most effective and efficient services pertaining to public safety, crime, and, general policing within Samoa.

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-HOUSEHOLD: Dwellin characteristics, Lighting, Water access, Sanitation, Dwelling tenure, Agricutlural assets, Expenditure, Income.
-INDIVIDUAL: Individual characteristics, Health, Education, Labour force, Income, Allowances.

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DHS questionnaire for women cover the following sections:

- Background characteristics (age, education, religion, etc)
- Reproductive history
- Knowledge and use of contraception methods
- Antenatal care, delivery care and postnatal care
- Breastfeeding and infant feeding
- Immunization, child health and nutrition
- Marriage and recent sexual activity
- Fertility preferences
- Knowledge about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections
- Husbands background and women's work

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-PERSONS: income and employment of individuals, including wage and salaries, self-employment, business activities, education, health.
-HOUSEHOLDS: dwelling characteristics, housing expenditure, household operations, clothing and footwear, education and health expenditure, and food expenditure.
-EXPENDITURE ITEMS: total annual expenditure on commodity and utility items, type of expenditure and type of item.

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The scope of the 1996 Population Census includes:

- basic demographic characteristics of individuals in a particular household dwelling, including age, sex, ethnicity, religion, internal migration, educational attainment, economic activity and fertility;
- basic household caharacteristics of the private dwellings, including tenure, sanitation, water and electricity, household wealth and household activities;
- a special module on disability.

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The scope of the 2002 Household Income and Expenditure Survey includes:
- Households, occupants, incomes and income distribution
- Labour market characteristics
- Major and minor sources of household income
- Houshold Expenditure
- Household assets and services.

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-Population: Population's relationship, marital status, religion, residence, origins, education, work status, women's characteristics (on children given birth to)
-Housing: Living quarters and its conditions, water and electricity access, sanitation, waste disposal, household durables and livestock & pets

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-Population: Population's relationship, marital status, religion, residence, origins, education, work status, location of workplace, number of days / hours worked, distance from work, satisfaction at work, migration and income.
-Households: Living quarters conditions, water & electricity & lighting & toilet access and household durable.

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Data captures Customs import data by HS tariff codes for Wallis and Futuna from 2010 to 2013. Chapter 277 captures fuel imports.

Data is sourced from the Wallis anf Futuna statistics web page - http://www.statistique.wf/statistiques/les-indicateurs-economiques-2/sta...  

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Solomon Islands copra, palm oil and cocoa production and export by annual basis and destination from 2006 - 2016. Data sourced from the Commodities Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) in Honiara. Dataset captures the volume production (Megatonnes) of these 3 products quarterly & annually and destination of export.

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Samoa resource data (including solar), taken via drones in Upolu (Aleipata coast & Afulilo mountain).

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Record captures Vanuatu 2006 - 2012 lubricating oil imports. Import data captured by year, HS Code, description, supply units, gross mass, statistical value. HS Codes captured for lubricating oil are:

  • 27101910 - lubricating oils and mineral turpentine
  • 27101920 - grease
  • 27101990 - other
  • 27109900 - Other

The data is attached here as it was provided to SPC.

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Record captures Vanuatu fuel re-exports from 2000 - 2012. Data is sourced from the Vanuatu Customs Office, through the Vanuatu Energy Office. Data captures the fuel re-exported by Vanuatu to other countries by HS Code (27101110, 27101120, 27101130, 27101140 and 27101150), description of goods, gross mass, quantity litre and statistical value. Data is attached here as it was provided to SPC.